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This game is so, so satisfying.


dios mio mi sueño hecho realidad un saludo desde mexico :)

Perfect hahaha

When I try to run the game, it won't start.

Yep me too, I'm using the linux .zip file, on wine, I'm on Linux Mint x64, tried both, x86 and x64, it says loading input configuration, I select the resolution, press ok, then it shuts down :(

Sorry, I don't have a Linux machine so I can't troubleshoot. It was made in Unity, so perhaps the problem is universal to running Unity on Linux.

You shouldn't use the linux zip file under wine. You either use the linux zip file natively, or you use the windows zip file under wine.

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Can we get a Linux build? It does run under Wine, but I had to change input settings on the launch screen in order to get keyboard input to work.

just uploaded a build but i have no machines to test it on, let me know if it works ;)

Works like a charm. Thanks. :)

best game ever

nobody makes games like i do believe me